Team Member of the Month

Meet Chandra Strompf

Strompf, C
What is your role at the Store?

I’m the Operations Manager.


How long have you worked here?

I’ve been here 16 years with a break or two in there.


What is your top product recommendation and why?

Top product suggestion is a hard question. We do most of our shopping at the farm store, so there are a lot of “go to” items for us. I guess I’d pick the Maplebrook feta and fresh mozzarella cheeses because we use them all of the time. They’re both great in wraps, omelets, pizza, salads, or any number of things, making whatever you put them on that much more delicious.


When you’re not at the Farm Store, what do you do?

Outside of work, I like to walk my dogs out in the fields so that they can really run and play. I have a side hobby of making and selling wool felt covered peg dolls and of course spending time with my family.


If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

I would be an artichoke because while I do have a large heart, it can take some work to get to it.


What do you think the most important issue of our times is? Do you have a solution to propose?

Again this last question is tough. We are living in a time of so many huge issues, it’s hard to focus on one, but I think kindness and acceptance of others is really important. There is so much hate and intolerance out there in the world. If we could just learn to accept and celebrate our differences, we would be in a much better place. The place to start would be in our individual households. If we can teach our children kindness, love, and the acceptance of others, then perhaps the next generation will be able to do a better job than we have thus far. Also, we need to reduce waste so that this future generation has a planet to make better.