Team Member of the Month

Sophia Martel

Farm Store team member

What is your role at that Store?

I am the Grocery Lead, meaning that all shipments of food and other goodies are received by me. I organize these shipments so that myself and others on the grocery stocking team can get them on the shelves for the community. You might find me stocking the orders in the aisles or out back sitting on the dock watching the shipments roll in.

How long have you worked here and what roles have you filled?

I have been working at Hawthorne Valley since April of 2020. Over my time here, I have filled many positions such as the door greeter and head counter, Oliva Kale Pesto production, stocker, and cashier.

What is your top product recommendation and why?

Choosing my top product is a hard task considering there are so many good options. But, my favorite at the moment is the Hawthorne Valley Honey Yogurt. It’s good any time as a standalone product or as an ingredient in your recipes. I personally add it to my breakfast smoothie for a little extra sweetness.

When you’re not at the Farm Store, what do you do?

You can find me practicing my circus skills such as standing on my hands, flying through the air or juggling. Or you might find me looking for a spot of sunshine to lay in with a good book and a coffee in hand.

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

I would be a pearl onion: I have a lot of layers but I’m not that big and I won’t make you cry.

What do you think the most important issue of our times is? What do you think the first step towards a solution is?

Especially in times like these we are experiencing now, it’s hard to choose just one issue that is the most important. But, I think it is very important to educate ourselves and the people around us, encouraging self-growth and understanding. I also think that it is important in these times to stick together and offer a helping hand. Showing kindness and support can cause a ripple effect and go a long way.