Specials This Month

Dear Loyal Customers,
We are honored to be able to serve you by providing wholesome, quality food for our community during this time while we wait out the COVID-19 outbreak. We know many things have changed in the last couple of weeks, and will likely continue to evolve as we move forward, but we wanted to continue with our routine of sending you our monthly sales flyer. Our supply chain is strong, however, it may be that some of these items may not be available at certain times in April. We will do all we can to assure our store is fully stocked and ready to go with everything you and your families need in the days ahead. Don’t forget, we are now offering curb-side and delivery services (delivery for a small fee). Email us for our most up-to-date catalog of available products.
Stay healthy and keep smiling,
Jeremy Laurange
Farm Store Manager

Farm Store April 2020 Sales Flyer page 1 Farm Store April 2020 Sales Flyer page 2


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