Product of the Month

Buchi Kombucha and Kefir

buchi kefir and kombucha

We know that being healthy is important to our customers, more so now than ever. Research has shown that gut health is linked to increased immune function. While there are many probiotic products out there, we’d like to recommend Buchi’s Kombucha and Kefir Soda, two delicious probiotic beverages that will give your immune system a boost and make your taste buds happy in the process. We sell the 16 oz soda kefir in the Echinacea lemon, turmeric ginger, strawberry coconut, and chamomile ginger flavors; and the 8 oz kombucha cans in the “Fire” (ginger cayenne) and “Water” (coconut blueberry) flavors. Stop by the store between 8am-5pm or place an order for curbside or delivery today and try one!