Producer of the Month

Billy’s Italian Market

1)      When, how and why was Billy’s Italian Market started?

Billy’s Italian Market line of tomato sauces is the result of years of hard-work and a dedication to serving high-quality food. In 2011, Billy opened his Italian Market cafe and deli in the trendy upstate New York community of Hudson. Opening his own deli was the realization of a dream of Billy’s since he was 13 years old, ever since his grandfather Frankie ‘Bananas’ would get mad at him for eating all his dried sausage.

2)      What are the biggest challenges or hurdles you face?

As far as competition is concerned. It’s a flooded market with a lot of big names. It’s a challenge because I have a very small budget for marketing. I have been told by customers, that buy jarred sauce regularly, that mine is the best they ever had. If that’s the case there is no reason why I can’t find great success.  The reason I created the sauce,  to use the profits and save Earth from human consumption.

3)      How do you balance sustainability with profitability?

As far as sustainability and profit: I am a small store so watching waste is important. I make small portions to keep waste down. I recycle and save all vegetable scraps for my friends rabbits.

4)      Excluding your own, what’s another natural food product(s) or brand that you always have at home and why?

As far as what natural or organic foods I have at home it’s a hard question to answer. I am like a carpenter who’s house is never finished. I don’t have a lot of food at home. In fact my refrigerator is empty most of the time. I am a mood eater so I shop daily.