Producer of the Month

Bee Hollow Farm


Bee Hollow Farm is a family owned and operated sustainable apiary.  We use only organic practices to raise northern acclimated Carniolan honey bees.  Our bees are placed in the safest environments we can find throughout Columbia and Rensselaer counties, as well as throughout the capital region.  We produce a variety of liquid raw and creamed honeys as well as other apiary products including fresh pollen, bees wax candles and all natural lip balm.  Bee Hollow Farm also raises queen bees and nucleus colonies to support the local beekeepers and bee keeping industry.


1)      When, how and why was Bee Hollow started?

Growing up on a farm as a child I had great experiences including the opportunity to raise honey bees for many years.  When we purchased our current farm in 2014, we began a huge growth spurt in the number of colonies we raise and the expansion of Bee Hollow Farm has not slowed down since.

2)      What is the most interesting thing you have learned about honey?

Beyond the pure deliciousness of raw honey, the pure health and nutritional benefits continue to amaze me as more and more research uncovers the benefits of raw honey.  It is very rewarding to hear comments from many of our regular customers who tell us how consuming our honey has greatly enhanced their lives as they deal with environmental allergies.

3)      What are the biggest challenges or hurdles you face?

Locating safe, natural environments to host our honey bee colonies is a big challenge.  The practice of chemical spraying and the use of neonicotinoid pesticide coated seeds pose great danger to our bees and all pollinators.  The safety and health of our honey bees is always our first priority.

4)      How do you balance sustainability with profitability?

For us, sustainability is profitability.  By focusing on the health and welfare of our bees as our top priority, they live happier, healthier more productive lives, which in return enhances everything we do.

5)      Excluding your own, what’s another natural food product(s) or brand that you always have at home and why?

You can always find organic, free-range eggs in our refrigerator.  We much prefer the taste and understand the health benefits of organic eggs.