Hawthorne Valley Cranberry Bread
Whether you’re planning a small holiday gathering with your pod or just need some treats while you binge holiday movies, the Farm Store has your back.

Right now, you can pick up a loaf of our mouth-watering fresh baked, organic Cranberry Bread and Pumpkin Bread from our own Bakery.

For all your pie needs, we’ve partnered with Pieconic to offer Vegan Pumpkin Pie, regular Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Apple and Balsamic Mixed Berry Pie, all made fresh in Chatham, NY.

Rounding out our bakery selection, we also have Pumpkin Shortbread Cookies, Peach-Blueberry Pie, Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, and Apple Pie in personal and sharable sizes, baked fresh in Cairo, NY, by Rolling Pin Pastries.

These pies go quickly, so please call 518-672-7500, opt. 2, in advance to reserve your favorite flavor.

Price List

Hawthorne Valley Bakery
Organic Cranberry Bread (weekends only) $8.29
Organic Pumpkin Bread

$7.99 – Half

$12.99 — Whole

Vegan Pumpkin Pie $34.99
Pies – Regular Pumpkin, Key Lime, Apple & Balsamic Mixed Berry $25.99
Rolling Pin Pastries
Pumpkin Shortbread Cookies $3.49
Pies – Peach-Blueberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Apple

5” – $7.99

9” – $25.99 

Hawthorne Valley Pumpkin Bread