Hawthorne Foods Acquired by Fermented Foods Holdings

Hawthorne Foods, makers of the sauerkraut and ferments line which humbly began at Hawthorne Valley Farm in 1999 when an apprentice on the farm at the time began fermenting cabbage into sauerkraut, has been acquired by Fermented Food Holdings Inc. (FFH). FFH manages three of the most beloved brands in fermented foods in North America: Bubbies, wildBrine, and Silver Floss. They are excited for the opportunity to support local production in upstate New York and long-standing relationships with local organic farmers in the Northeast.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recipe stay the same?
All Hawthorne Foods recipes remain the same as they have been.

Will the Farm Store still carry the brand?
Yes, Hawthorne Foods will still be available at Hawthorne Valley’s Farm Store.

Will the name be changing?
The name will not be changing.

Will the new owners continue to source veggies from local/regional farms?
Hawthorne Foods is committed to supporting our community through supporting our local farm partners and providing living wages.

Have more questions?
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