Cafe Gallery

Located at the front of the store, our Farm Store Cafe offers cozy indoor seating where guests can relax and enjoy their lunch. Each month, the cafe walls feature beautiful artwork by local artists that is often available for purchase. Read below for information on this month’s featured artist. If you are interested in displaying your artwork in our Cafe Gallery, please contact Chandra.

Artwork by MD Tillyer

Imaginating the World

The part about making an image that is amazing to me is that I can do it at all, that I can look at nature and with a color-dipped brush make a blotch that kind of looks like what I saw. Or I can use a sharp tool to scrape, scrape, bang, boom, and there it is, an object somewhat like I thought of. With these things, I can even imagine something and make a kind of new place or thing and have it become. It is pretty amazing and makes creative work all worthwhile. Basically, the whole world is an imagined thing to me.