Cafe Gallery

Located at the front of the store, our Farm Store Cafe offers cozy indoor seating where guests can relax and enjoy their lunch. Each month, the cafe walls feature beautiful artwork by local artists that is often available for purchase. Read below for information on this month’s featured artist. If you are interested in displaying your artwork in our Cafe Gallery, please contact Chandra.

A Mini Retrospective by Zach Neven

Artist’s Statement

Creativity has always been a huge part of my life. Like most artists, I see things that others don’t see. Lights and shadows are everywhere.

I use color in my photography when it is part of the story and I’m especially drawn to reds. My choice of subject is organic–not planned. I like to stumble on a scene wherever I am–capturing images that most people walk by without noticing.

In addition to photography, I am also a painter. I currently am exploring abstraction and conceptual art. It’s a different way of seeing things and exploring a subject, and it allows me to express parts of myself that are subconscious and impossible to articulate outside of my art. Read more about Zach (you will be taken to another website).